PTSD SA was founded by veteran photo-journalist Johann Hattingh.

After suffering from this debilitating mental health disorder for over 12 years, he finally received the treatment and therapy that saved his life in 2019. He also started working as a facilitator at the mental health centre where he was a patient. It surprised him to find out that no dedicated support group existed in South Africa for people suffering from PTSD.

The three main objectives of PTSD SA is to ensure people who suffer from it know:

  1. They are not alone.
  2. Their feelings and emotions are valid.
  3. It is possible to get help.

Please reach out to us anytime as we believe that talking about your emotions with someone who has experienced trauma themselves is the first step in starting out on your healing journey.

Photojournalist Johann Hattingh and military working dog Staff Sergeant Kevin near Forward Operating Base St Michael.
Al Mahmudiyah, Iraq

Contact the Suicide Crisis Line at 0800 567 567 .